The Great STEMporium is a wondrous children's activity center. 

Over 50 activities to choose from!

How does it work?

Together, we science!

We are the area's largest (and most fun) indoor science center for kids...and their favorite adults, of course.  We have tons of activities for kids to keep their minds engaged and their hands busy. 

We are just like a restaurant... only... we don't serve food, we serve science projects (and other fun activities)!  It's soooooo much fun!! 


All you do is come in and get a table.  Our Lab Assistants will swing by to give you a basket of fidgets and to take your order.  Kids love to order up the projects that interest them the most - be it a volcano, a laser maze, a coding game, a microscope with bugs,  a lie detector, or any other curiosity-piquing project.  You'll love watching their little faces light up as they discover things for the very first time. 


And don't worry - the mess stays at The Great STEMporium, but the memories...well...you get to keep the memories in your hearts and minds forever.

Don't forget to ask us about field trips, birthday parties, scout badges, home school days, special friends days, Odyssey of the Mind, coding club, evening and weekend science sessions, no-school days, seasonal menu specials, summer science sessions, Sip n' Science, corporate events, team building activities, special events, and more.

Our Hours



Saturday & Sunday


To be announced:  Special hours for special programs.

Contact Us

The Great STEMporium is a brand new concept connecting fun and learning in one of the most unique experiences on earth. Aaaaaaannnnndddd....that probably means you'll have a few questions. No problem. Questions are our specialty! Just give us a shout.

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Locate Us

The Great STEMporium

18388 Coastal Highway #10

Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 313-5139

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