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STEM Program Headquarters

Together, we science!

We are one of the most unique science program providers in the US offering tons of programs that keep kids' minds engaged and their hands busy. 

Our programs work great for: in-school field trips, birthday parties, home school groups, after school programs, summer camps, special friends events, corporate events, team building activities, special events, and more.



Business startup packages!

Our business startup packages will be stuffed full of our very best crowd-pleasing programs and projects so you can start your own STEM (or STEAM) business.


Each STEM business startup package will contain everything you need so you can be up and running quickly. Packages will including:

  • program/project preparation lists

  • supply sources for materials and equipment with live links

  • printable project instructions for kids

  • professionally created PowerPoint files

  • instructional videos with tips and tricks 


No more scalloped edges with comic sans font and clip-art ladened presentations. Our presentations are sensationally engaging with real-life photographic imagery to create a vibrant experience on par with National Geographic. Kids know quality when they see it, and you will too! Our packages have one objective - enable you to deliver exceptionally engaging STEM projects and programs to your wonderfully STEMtastic audiences. (Oh yeah, and help you make money in the process.)


The package you purchase will be yours forever. No residual royalties. You'll receive live files (not PDF's). This means you'll be able to change them, update them, add to them, take parts away, whatever your entrepreneurial heart desires. (Just don't resell them, please.)


Together, we will build a stronger and brighter future of STEM-loving citizens.

Email us at: if you'd like to be notified when we release our packages for sale.