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Cyber Investigation Activity

The case of the stolen A.I.

Immerse your students in the world of digital forensics.

On sale now.


(Regular Price $49.95)


Off-Line | Hands-on | Technology Jobs Awareness

The program was designed for kids in grades 6-8. (Also suitable for advanced kids in grades 4-5).

Perfect for:

  • Digital citizenship lessons

  • ISTE DigCit alignment

  • Off-line activity

  • Hands-on learning

  • Story-based pedegogy

  • Immersive experience

  • Future employment ideas

Delivery Settings:

  • Classrooms

  • After School Programs

  • Home School Groups

  • Summer Camp Programs

  • Computer Clubs

  • Robotics Teams

  • Library Programs

  • Church Camp Programs

  • Scout Badges

Your download includes:

Vocabulary & Concepts Presentation

  • Presentation Length: 45+ minutes

  • Editable PowerPoint presentation

  • Embedded video content

  • Instructor scripts & student prompts

Key Concepts Covered:

  • How the Internet works

  • Expanded definition of "devices"

  • The Internet of Things

  • Internal Parts of a Computer* 

  • Directories, Cache, and Cookies

  • Cloud Storage

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Malware

  • Cyber Attack Methods

  • Cyber Investigation Career Paths

*Bonus activity recommendation to expand the program...and the excitement.

Cybercrime Investigation Activity

  • Presentation Segment: 15+ minutes

  • Investigation Segment: 1 hr 15min

  • Editable PowerPoint presentation

  • Instructor scripts

Key Investigation Content:

  • Victim information

  • Prime suspects

  • Description of the stolen product (an app that teaches people how to "train" artificial intelligence programs)
  • Investigation Instructions
  • Activity and teamwork rules
  • Regroup discovery prompts
  • Recap of key clues
  • Instructor script describing the full details of  what really happened
  • Criminal sentencing activity

Cybercrime Evidence Files

  • Instructors resources

  • Editable & Printable Files

  • Corresponding presentation files for asynchronous and synchronous delivery

Key Evidence Content:

  • Student investigation case notes worksheet

  • Case log fact sheet

  • Evidence station signage

  • Suspect evidence (4 suspects)

    • Educational background​

    • Resumes and work history

    • Hardware & software intake log

    • Travel history

    • Digital footprint (directories, cache)

    • Social relationships

    • Arrest and investigation history

    • Bank account status

The program includes 3 YouTube videos with tips and highlights to help instructors understand the content and key learning objectives.

On sale now.


(Regular Price $49.95)

Download Delivery Notice:

After payment is made, you will receive a separate email within 1 business day containing a link to download all the files. The download size is approximately 120 megs.


If you are giving this program as a gift to one of your favorite teachers and would like to provide a certificate to let them know, please click HERE for an instant certificate download.

Licensed Proprietary Content:

We are just a small business with a family to feed. We've spent a considerable about of time and effort building this program. It is intended for only one class/grade level. Please be respectful of our work and do not share the files with other friends. If anyone needs a hardship discount, please email us. 


School-wide, district-wide, state-wide, multi-location usage requires an Institution License Agreement for perpetual use rights. A one-time fee will be based on the annual expected number of student learners.

Sponsorship Tip:

Yes! We do offer the ability for your local technology firm (or a national one) to sponsor your program, school, district, or state. Email us for details.

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