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Adult Science Menu

Bring your your inner geekiness, and we'll break out our adult-exclusive STEM menu for a different kind of outing. You can challenge your partner to friendly little scientific competition or join forces to solve a problem together.  

Just like our main menu, the Adult Science menu offers the opportunity to play with the STEMporium equipment [Play Time(d)] and make items to take home with you [Make & Take].  You can always do a little of both!

Play Time(d)

How it works...

Experience as many projects as you want (one at a time, of course) during the amount of time you purchase.


30 Minutes - $11.95 per person |   60 Minutes - $17.95 per person

Penny Surface Tension

Challenge your partner to a showdown as you see who can add the most water drops to their penny to create a fascinating hydrogen bond effect.

Geographic Money

Saddle up to a pair of our LCD microscopes and a cup ‘o international money.  Set the timer (or coin limit) and see who can ID the most countries based on the currency in your cup.

Roller Coaster Challenge

Amusement park engineering has always been an awesome job!  Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to build roller coasters. Make it a challenge by taking turns and timing each other – one challenge at a time

Analog Computer Challenge

Work your way through each challenge to build the perfect analogy computer design based on the output requirements

Gravitrax Marble Run

Throw the rule book out the window and build your own simple or elaborate marble run.  Your only creative restriction is the size of the tabletop.

Boom Trix Trampoline Physics

Let’s take par-core to the tabletop by using a series of launchers, metal balls, trampolines, and a goal - to test our skills related to velocity, mass, gravity, and angles.

Lie Detector

Not the same as the police use, but a similar concept.  You build it.  You ask questions.  It responds to perspiration!

Make & Take

Prices vary based on activity.  $10 - $15

H2O Clock

Create a real working clock out of wires and water

Wooden Aircraft

A set of 4 aircraft from balsa wood kit (sailboat, yacht, submarine, steam paddle boat)

Zipline Challenge

Use the materials provided to create a carrier to help your cargo get down the zipline swiftly, without incident

Owl Pellet Dissection

Dissect the owl pellet to find out what your owl had for lunch. (bird, mole, shrew, mouse)

Wooden Tribiks

A set of 4 tribiks from balsa wood kit (tractor, cat, head, heart)

Moon Landing Challenge

Use the materials provided to create a “moon lander” that will protect your astronaut as it’s dropped from above

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