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STEMporium Marine Science.jpg

Marine Science

Ages 5+  (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Join us on a journey about the most majestic undersea creature...the beautiful life of jellyfish.  We'll learn fun facts, make a jellyfish craft, put on our safety glasses to conduct a saltwater test, and have a relay race to save the sealife.

STEMporium Flavor Science.jpg

Flavor Science

Ages 6+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Become a flavor chemist and explore the wonderful world of flavors.  View sugar crystals on cereal under the microscopes, take a smell test to determine how smell impacts flavor, and use a catalyst to test your candy for a tasty ingredient.

Paper Circuits.jpg

Circuit Science

Ages 6+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Basic circuitry understanding is an essential ingredient in a whole world of STEM possibilities.  With our conductive dough and our paper circuits, you'll make all sorts of light up creations.  Everyone will leave with a glowing design.


Simulated Dissection Party

Ages 6+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

We'll save the real frogs for another day.  In this party, you'll work in teams as you're guided by an expert dissection specialist to carefully identify and remove organs from your frog dissection model.  As a bonus, we'll also look at the organs in a human body to see just how much we're like frogs.   


a-Maze-ing Code Challenge

Ages 8+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Code your way through your maze faster than your friends to win a special prize.  This party starts with an overview of basic coding "block" commands and ends with tons of laughter (and a dash of learning).

Beauty Science.jpg

Beauty Science

Ages 8+ (Materials Fee: add $5 per child, Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Beauty suppliers around the globe employ scientists that specialize in plant biology, fragrances, chemical properties, assembly line machine engineering, and all sorts of fun cool careers...just so the world can have luxurious bath bombs and scrubs.  This party will focus on fragrance testing and chemical reactions in the making of our DIY bath bombs. 

Trampoline Physics.jpg

Boom Trix Trampoline Physics

Ages 9+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

Let's begin at the beginning...of physics.  Sir Issac Newton's Laws are some of the most fun and important laws in science.  This party will explore how an object's mass impacts how fast and how far it can travel on the trampoline course you design.  The team with the fastest, most efficient course will go home with an extra special reward.  

Epic Marble Run.jpg

Extreme Marble Run

Ages 10+ (Party time is 1.5 hrs)

We found the most extreme marble run on the planet to deliver outstanding lessons in physics and magnetic properties...with a huge side order of fun.  The birthday goers will have a chance to compete on teams to see who can create the best marble run OR they can combine all the marble runs to create one ginormous epic run worthy of YouTube stardom.

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$275 (for 10 kids)

More than 10 kids?  Call for special pricing.

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  • Programs are 45 minutes to 1 hour (Depending on the program)

  • Includes supplies & materials  

~ Terms ~

  • Additional adult assistance is required to help with party experiments

  • 50% deposit due at time of booking

  • 50% balance due before activity starts

  • Call for availability

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