What's in the jar?

Our Anti-Inertia Jars are filled with more than 100 home-based and local area activities that will sweep away the boredom in kids 5 - 12-ish. 

Anti-Inertia Activity Catagories:

STEM Projects | Traditional games | Imagination games | Traditional shore activities | Visiting local sites | Visiting local establishments

Our jars keep your kids busy...while also keeping your sanity (and your wallet) in a happy place.

Simply use the color code key located under your jar lid to manage expectations. 

Tell the kids to pick only the color activity that you're willing to support.

Here's a quick run down of the color code factors inside each jar.


Activity can be done at home

Out of the House

Activity requires getting in a car and going somewhere

Any Weather

Activity is a good in any weather - sun, rain, hail, hurricane, etc.


Activity is a good outside activity - you be the weather judge on these fun challenges

Free or Almost Free

Activity is free...for real

$10 - $20

Activity will probably cost between $10-$20 per kid

$5 - $10

Activity probably has some sort of park admission or materials that may cost a little


Activity is probably a day trip or some other more involved activity that may cost a little more.


Some of the activities in the jar are seasonal.  Not all locations/activities can be done in the off-season.

If you get a seasonal activity, just set it aside and pick another one.

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