Our mission is to ignite STEM careers in children who will grow up to make extraordinary impacts in the world.  We invite children, parents, and friends of all ages to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in a restaurant-like environment filled with fun, unexpected, all-sensory-provoking, learning experiences.  Within our unique and unprecedented platform, we believe children who make mistakes while attempting their experiments and projects should be celebrated (since making a mistake is when we learn the most!).  We also believe laughter is a great elixir for learning.   Our hope is to inspire every generation (even parents and grandparents) to take a real interest in the STEM around us, and most importantly, connect the dots to STEM careers.  The way we do that - HIRE GREAT PEOPLE!

Master Chef
(aka - Experiment Preparer & Shift Supervisor)


Lewes, DE 

General Information
The Great STEMporium is a restaurant, but we don’t serve food!!!  We serve STEM projects and experiments to kids and families.  Our “Master Chef” position has many similarities to a restaurant chef job role with one GIANT exception – we feed the mind, not the tummy! So instead of preparing and plating a beautiful steak dinner, you may be unpackaging and “plating” a cool robotic Lego spider or a Snap Circuit Lie Detector experiment.  No worries.  We'll teach you everything you need to know about being a Master Chef at The Great STEMporium.
Job Brief

We are looking for “Master Chefs” to join our team and prepare awesome, fun STEM projects and experiments for our customers.

Master Chef responsibilities include studying the inner-workings of our experiments, unpackaging and setting up menu items for customer enjoyment. You should be able to collaborate with fellow chefs to ensure orders are prepared in a timely manner. You’ll be responsible for a full understanding of The Great STEMporium safety and experiment protocols.  Ultimately, you’ll prepare and deliver a complete menu of STEM projects/experiments for our customers including, but not limited to earth science experiments, circuit projects, micro-biology projects, forensic discovery experiments, analog computer challenges, beginner through advanced robotics, etc.  The Master Chef role also serve as a shift supervisor for staff in the back of the house during your shifts.


  • Set up the kitchen with experiments from the menu and related equipment, like microscopes, robotic arms, safety goggles, etc.

  • Study each experiment/project and gain an in-depth understanding of how it functions

  • Prepare orders in a timely manner

  • Exercise maturity and teamwork with fellow staff

  • Inform Lab Assistants about issues and inventory changes

  • Ensure appealing plating presentation (aka Experiment set up presentation)

  • Monitor inventory and identify replenishment needs

  • Check all fixed assets for proper functionality (e.g. make sure robot arms operating smoothly, microscopes are fully functional, etc)

  • Help identify, test, and assemble new “menu items” to be put into service

  • Ensure compliance with all Explorium protocols and safety rules

  • Assist with the supervision of back of house staff during your shift

  • Conduct opening/closing activities as needed


  • Passionate about learning, teaching, kids, and STEM!

  • Ability to remain calm and undertake various tasks in a fast-paced environment

  • Excellent time management abilities

  • Excellent teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills

  • Hands-on experience with STEM projects and experiments

  • Working knowledge of basic robotics toys and other STEM fundamentals

  • Familiarity with iPad operation

  • Availability to work in shifts as needed – scheduling accommodations can be made around school obligations

  • High School GPA 3.0+

  • 2+ years of previous experience in a robotics club or STEM competition a plus

  • 1+ year of previous work experience a plus


Submit your information to us via email at Info@GreatSTEM.com


To be considered for a GREAT job at The Great STEMporium, we require an application (or resume) and one great story about how you failed at a STEM experiment and what that mistake taught you.

The Great STEMporium

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