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STEM Equipment and Programs for Sale

Hours of STEM programming fun with all the equipment included. 

Want more information? 

A decision like this requires a little conversation. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

Physical Assets Included:

The purchase price includes over 250 pieces of highly engaging hands-on science equipment, STEM games and toys for retail sales, STEM supplies, and storage/organization/shelving assets. You'll also receive over 90 ready-to-go K-5 STEM activities and programs including editable PowerPoint files, printables, program setup instructions, alignment with NGSS standards, etc. so you can start booking engagements right away.

You'll have all the assets necessary to start booking:

Kid's Private Parties

Summer Camps

School Fieldtrips

Robotics Clubs

Home School Programs

Stage-based STEM Shows

Public Library Programs

Festivals & Events

Before & After School 

Retail Inventory for Festivals & Events

Equipment also includes folding tables, microphone, lavalier, portable speaker, retail display fixtures, secure cash boxes, feather flags, and more!

Programs & Digital Instructional Materials Assets Included:

You'll receive a flash drive filled with beautifully crafted presentations and instructional materials so you can deliver high-quality, highly-engaging, hands-on STEM education programs for kids - customizable to your unique style of engagement. Most programs range in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour and include a video that walks you through the presentation and provides program tips. Your digital content assets also include lots of small projects for a variety of uses such as warm-ups, time-fillers, festival walk-up projects, PTO fundraising events, and more. You'll also receive a list of supply sources for expendable materials.

Beauty Science Program
Why don't all birds fly program
cybercrime program
Ikea design challenge program
marine science program
solar oven activity
bridge challenge program
candy science program
earthquake program
owl pellet program
push and pulls program
sound and waves program
butter side up program
carnival science program
animal habitat program
dentist for a day program
frogs dissection program
gravitrax program
outer space program
minute to win it program
keva plank contraptions program
paper circuits activities
Zipline program
Trees activity

Many of the programs are described on our school program page. Please feel free to check out that page to get an idea of the grade levels, NGSS connections, basic program descriptions, and some pricing model suggestions. Note: This is not an exhaustive list of programs, projects, activities, and equipment.

BONUS Digital Assets:

Support your local Odyssey of the Mind teams by organizing a special practice event festival.

Digital assets include:

  • Event Flyer

  • Social Media Image

  • Reservation Organizer

  • Festival Tips & Prep Notes

  • 12 Hands-on Challenges

  • 6 Verbal Challenges

Partner with a local library, church, school, or community center to help provide a safe space for kids to have fun and practice for the big event! (Don't forget to wear your wacky hats!)

Sample of Equipment and Supplies Included:

Return on Investment

The fastest way to financial independence!

Price for turn-key equipment, activities, and programs: $12,500 [Originally: $33,000]

That might seem like a lot, but let's think about that...

  • Birthday Party Business: $300/party X 2 parties per week = ROI in 5 months

  • Summer Camp/Aftercare Program: $250/child/week X 8 kids = ROI in 2 months

  • In-School Field Trips: $5/student/program X 60 students per visit X 4 per week = ROI in 1.5 marking periods

COMBINE Parties, Camps, & Field Trips = ROI in LESS THAN 3 MONTHS

And,'s fun! 

Note: Want the ROI to happen even faster? Just add on fairs, festivals, community events, PTA events, etc!

Terms and Conditions of the Purchase:

Sale Price: $12,500

Payable by certified check or money order.

Sale is Final:

Buyer understands and agrees that the sale is final. No exchanges or refunds will be issued.

Physical Assets:

A list of physical assets included in the purchase can be downloaded HERE. All assets are sold as-is with no warranty from the seller. Inspection prior to the sale can be arranged upon request.

Transfer of Asset Ownership:

The bill of sale will serve as a transfer of title of all physical assets. All physical assets are stored at a 3rd party storage facility.

Taking Possession of Physical Assets:

Upon receipt of signed Bill of Sale and cashier's check for payment, Buyer may elect to ship all goods to another location at buyer's effort and expense within 5 calendar days of the date of sale or buyer may sign a new contract with the storage facility at buyer's effort and expense no later than 4:00pm ETS on the day of the sale. Seller's insurance on all items will cease on the date of the sale.

Digital Assets:

A list of all digital assets licensed with the purchase can be downloaded HERE.


Issuance of Digital Assets License:

All digital assets are the intellectual property of The Great STEMporium. All digital assets will convey to Buyer under a perpetual rights user license. The license will never expire and no additional renewal fees will be required. The license allows Buyer to use the digital assets to deliver educational programs to children through Buyer's company (including employees of buyer) or through Buyer's personal use only. Buyer is strictly prohibited from duplicating, copying, distributing, and/or reselling the digital assets in whole or in part. Buyer agrees to safeguard this intellectual property through all appropriate measures including making all employees aware of the details of this licensing agreement.

Taking Possession of Digital Assets:

Upon receipt of signed Bill of Sale and certified check or money order for payment, Seller will ship a flash drive via USPS priority mail to an address provided by Buyer. The flash drive will be shipped within 1 business day of the fully executed Bill of Sale and receipt of a certified check or money order for payment.


Buyer voluntarily agrees to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify The Great STEMporium and its owners, agents, officers, employees and contractors from any and all claims, actions or losses for illness, bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of use or delivery of any physical assets and/or digital assets included in the purchase.

Curiosity is natural. 

There's no risk in exploring the idea. The worst thing that can happen is that you learn more and decide it's not for you. Just don't miss out on the opportunity to be curious and explore the possibility of becoming your own boss with this turn-key opportuntiy.

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