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Special Event Activities

There's nothing like science entertainment to get kids excited at your event!!  

Yes!  We do that.  We offer stage performances, timed group activities, and walk-up activities. 


We offer over 50 kid-friendly programs and activities.  Shoot us an email for a list of options.  

Make & Take Activities

These are examples of activities that kids can make and take home from your event.  ($4 - $20 varies by project)  

Science Equipment Play Time Activities

Great for keeping kids engaged and keeping event fees low.

Timed Family Challenges

These are examples of challenge activities good for 1 to 3 people to test their creative problem-solving skills.


Make any of these great slime concoctions, play a while, and take it with you when you're done. 

($4.50 - $7.50)

Vibrant Slime

  • Hot Lips (Pink)

  • Electric (Yellow)

  • Neon Citrus (Orange)

  • Shrek Shake (Green)

  • Blue Sky (Blue)

See Through Color Slime

  • Icy Clear

  • Raging Red

  • Outrageous Orange

  • Sunshine Yellow

  • Grassy Green

  • Tiffany Blue

  • Pure Purple


A trusted partner in all things STEM.

Slime Sensory Smorgasbord

  • We have lots of beads, googly eyes, glitter, and other oddities​ to add to your slime to make it even more fun.

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