Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What's it like to visit The Great STEMporium?

A.  Ummm, awesome!  Be sure to see the hostess when you arrive AND take a good look at the display case of menu items before being seated.  You'll be taken into the Laboratory to a table where a Lab Assistant will help you pick out just the right projects for your ages.  Then the "kitchen" staff will put all the parts and pieces of each project on a tray, and a Lab Assistant will promptly deliver it to your table. You biggest job as the adult at the table is to watch (and occasionally assist) your children play, assemble, make a mess, make mistakes, learn, laugh, and experience joy.  When you're all done, your Lab Assistant will give you your check and collect your payment.  


Q. Can I drop my kids off and leave?

A.  It depends.  Is it a birthday party with another adult present and willing to watch your darling for you?  Then yes.  Are you coming in to enjoy our regular table service and play with a menu item or two?  Then no.  The idea behind The Great STEMporium is to facilitate critical adult-child bonding enjoy some screen-free bonding time with your darlings.  You're the most important person in their world...they need your eye contact to know how very much you love them.    

Q. What's the best age for kids coming to The Great STEMporium?

A.  Most of our menu items are geared towards ages 3 to 12-ish.  We do have a Little Kids menu that's great for ages 3 to 5.  There are also some pretty sophisticated advanced levels of some menu items that are great for teens and adults.  What we haven't focused on is ages 0 - 2.  Most menu items contain choking parts for kids under 3.  Babies and small toddlers should be watched VERY closely while in The Great STEMporium!

Q. Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

A. Sort of.  If you're just shopping for STEM gifts in our retail store, then no.  However, if you want to enter The Great STEMporium laboratory space where you can play with our awesome menu items or attend an event in one of our event rooms, then yes, a liability waiver is required. The liability waivers are for safety awareness and protection.  STEM activities present all sorts of possible dangers.  We need for you to be aware of things that could cause harm - like getting slime in your eye or cutting yourself on a computer chip.  

Q.  Do you take reservations?

A. Why yes we do.  Book online HERE.  Arrive with your whole party within 5 or 10 minutes of your reservation.  Be sure to check in when you arrive.  Reservations will be released if your whole party is not there after 10 minutes of your reservation time.

Q. How do I book an event room?

A. Call the store to talk to a manager.

Q. Do you have special accommodations for special needs children?

A.  Our store is handicap accessible.  There is a ramp just outside the main doors.  The menu items are great for kids age 3 to 12-ish.  Only you can assess your child's abilities the best.  The Great STEMporium is filled with movement and excitement - dramatic music, laughter billowing across the space, dim lighting, and an occasional load bang or bop.  If you have concerns about whether or not your child would have an enjoyable time at The Great STEMporium, please feel free to stop by on your own for a quick tour.

The Great STEMporium

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