Our mission is to ignite STEM careers in children who will grow up to make extraordinary impacts in the world.  We invite children, parents, and friends of all ages to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in a restaurant-like environment filled with fun, unexpected, all-sensory-provoking, learning experiences.  Within our unique and unprecedented platform, we believe children who make mistakes while attempting their experiments and projects should be celebrated (since making a mistake is when we learn the most!).  We also believe laughter is a great elixir for learning.   Our hope is to inspire every generation (even parents and grandparents) to take a real interest in the STEM around us, and most importantly, connect the dots to STEM careers.  The way we do that - HIRE GREAT PEOPLE!

Host(ess) / Field Trip Helper


Lewes, DE 

General Information
The Great STEMporium delivers entertaining STEM projects and experiments to kids and adults.  During the off-season (aka - the school year), we shift our offering a little during the day to meet the unique needs of home school kids, friends with special needs, and field trip groups.   Our Host(ess) / Field Trip Helper will assist in managing our day-time patrons in order to enhance their experience at The Great STEMporium.  No worries.  We'll teach you all about how we do that in The Great STEMporium way.
Job Brief

We are looking for a mature, patient, and kind-hearted individual to join our staff and be the first point of contact for the kids and families who have excitedly chosen to visit us.  Responsibilities include greeting guests, explaining our offering, taking customers to their table, and presenting them with menus. For this role, you should have solid organizational and people skills to make sure our guests have a positive experience from the moment they arrive until they depart.  You'll be responsible for the retail store including helping customers select items, checking them out, taking returns and exchanges, making sure store shelves are neat and restocked, and assisting with inventory counts.  On field trip days, you'll help us deliver our field trip programs to large groups of up to 75 people at a time.  This may include helping kids find items on their scavenger hunt, running the time clock for their zip line creation, demonstrating an experiment related to the laws of matter, and any other number of things to help the field trip programs run smoothly.


  • Welcome guests to the venue

  • Provide accurate wait times and monitor waiting lists

  • Manage reservations

  • Escort customers to their table, provide menus, and announce Lab Assistant’s name

  • Assist guests in the store front who may be shopping for toys

  • Ring up all store purchases

  • Keep retail areas tidy and neat

  • Restock store shelves as needed

  • Assist in the delivery of our field trip program elements

  • Maintain a clean reception and store checkout area

  • Cater to guests who require extra attention (e.g. children, elderly)

  • Answer incoming calls and address customers’ queries

  • Assist Lab staff as needed


  • Must Love Kids!!!!

  • Understanding of customer service etiquette

  • Understanding of basic iPad operation

  • Excellent communication skills (via phone and in-person)

  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to monitor the Lab area

  • Good physical condition to help with busy kids on field trip days

  • Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs

  • Previous work experience with kids a plus

Position Type, Hours & Pay

  • Paid position:  $10/hr

  • Non-Exempt

  • Part Time: 3 hours/week on weeks with no field trips, 10+ hours on weeks with field trips

  • Schedule: Very predictable

    • Wednesday - 11am - 2pm every week

    • Thursday & Friday - field trips are 3 hours each field trip booking and are scheduled between 9:30am - 2:30pm 


Submit your information to us via email at Info@GreatSTEM.com


To be considered for a GREAT job at The Great STEMporium, we require a resume and one great story about how you failed at a STEM experiment and what that mistake taught you.