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Field Trip Basics

Maximum Capacity


Adult-to-Child Ratios

Age 5-7 1:3

Age 8+ 1:5

Program Costs

$9 - $12

Adults are free. $300 minimum

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Special Little Extras

(Adapted to grade-level skills)

Portrait Wall Pop Quiz

Our portrait wall is filled with 27 inventors, scientists, engineers, technologists, and mathematicians from across many decades.  Upon arrival, we will take 15 minutes to get acquainted with our fellow STEM pioneers (old and new) to discover a few surprising facts that you might not already know.  (Like Ben Franklin inventing swim fins at the age of 11!)

Silent Scavenger Hunt

Taking away audible communication forces us to be more resourceful in our communication methods, more observant of each other and our surroundings, and more thoughtful in our singular and collective actions.  At its core, this team-based activity holds exciting discoveries of unique and interesting things related to STEM that we may never have seen before.

Field Trip Main Activities

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