The Great STEMporium

18388 Coastal Highway #10

Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 313-5139

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Our Menu

Serving Fresh Fun Daily

Let's get one itsy-bitsy question out of the way. Our experience "format" is a little different than your average experience with STEM. We serve experiments, projects, activities, and fun - at your table. It feels a little like a restaurant...HOWEVER...we don't serve food. Simply put - we nourish your mind, not your tummy.


So when planning your visit, please be sure to eat up before arriving. Our slime is fun to experiment with, but it'll probably give you gas if you eat a whole bowl of it :-)


Our STEM warm ups are great to get your curiosity bubbling.  Sample these projects at your table while we're busy cooking up your main course.  Prices range from $3 to $4.

  • Inertia Beads 4+

  • Finger Print Analysis 5+

  • Make a Molecule 7+

  • Penny Surface Tension 8+

  • Binary Code Comparison 8+

Main Course

Our Main Course menu offers 2 categories of experiments and projects - some that you take with you and others you simply play with here.  

Make & Take

Build any of these Main Course items and take them with you when your fun is done. (Approx. 30 to 45 minutes per item).  Each item is priced individually.  Prices range from $10 to $15.

  • Solar Oven 5+*

  • Binary Necklace 5+*

  • Bristle Bot 5+*

  • Balloon Hovercraft 8+*

  • Owl Pellet Dissection 9+

  • H2O Clock 9+

  • Wooden Fidget Aircraft 9+

  • Wooden Fidget Tribiks 9+

*Requires adult help.​

Play Time(d)

Dive deep into your curiosity with these MAin Course challenges.  Note: Unlike Make & Take items, Play Time(d) items stay here at the end of your fun.

$11.95 (30 min.)  |  $17.95 (60 min.)

  • GoGo Gears 3+

  • Velcro Robot 4+*

  • Soil & Civil Engineering 4+

  • Sand & Castles 4+

  • Erupting Volcano 5+*

  • Create A Maze 5+

  • Robot Invasion 5+*

  • AR Globe 5+*

  • Robot Factory 6+*

  • LCD Microscope 8+

  • Crankity 9+

  • Laser Maze 9+

  • Cypher Decoding 9+

  • Flying Saucer 9+

  • Roller Coasters 9+


  • Code with Osmo 4+*

*Requires adult help.​

Side of Slime

Make any of these great slime concoctions, play a while, and take it with you when you're done.  Prices start at $4.50. (Age 4+)

Vibrant Slime

  • Hot Lips (Pink)

  • Electric (Yellow)

  • Neon Citrus (Orange)

  • Shrek Shake (Green)

  • Blue Sky (Blue)

Bright String Slime

  • Ghost Whispers (Clear)

  • Molten Glow (Pink)

  • Moonbeams (Yellow)

  • Crazy Crush (Orange)

  • Frog Tails (Green)

  • Sapphire Strands (Blue)

See Through Color Slime

  • Icy Clear

  • Raging Red

  • Outrageous Orange

  • Sunshine Yellow

  • Grassy Green

  • Tiffany Blue

  • Pure Purple


A trusted partner in all things STEM.

Ultra-Awesome Slime

  • Ectoplasm (Glow in the Dark)

  • Nuclear (Color Changing)

  • Luminosity (Glow in the Dark Strings)

Slime Sensory Smorgasbord

  • We have lots of beads, googly eyes, glitter, and other oddities​ to add to your slime to make it even more fun.


Keep the STEM going after you leave our 4 walls with these fun projects. Prices range from $2 to $3.

  • Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt 8+

  • Beach Scavenger Hunt (coming this fall) 5+

  • Nature's Colors Scavenger Bag 4+

Carry Out

Paper Bag STEM is a fun way to explore STEM from anywhere.  Our Paper Bag STEM carry-outs have everything you need to solve a unique STEM challenge. Prices range from $3.50 to $5.

  • Challenge #2 - Molecule Making 9+

Important Notes about "dining in" at The Great STEMporium...

Ideal Ages: 5+
Note: There are choking hazards, and it's a very active environment (Read: can get loud/exciting) that requires your full attention to make sure the experience is safe and enjoyable for all the children you bring in. Sorry. Our menu doesn't have STEM projects for kids under 5.  We do have a basket of fidgets you can borrow ($6) for kids age 3 & 4 to keep them busy.

Adult to Child Minimum = 1 adult for every 3 children
Child to Adult Maximum = 3 adults for every 1 child
[These ratios are important for the enjoyment of all participants AND table space availability.]

Your ENTIRE party must be present in order to be seated. We stop seating one hour prior to closing.

Reservations strongly recommended for parties of 7+ (so long as your party follows the ratio requirements)



Credit Card only payments.  No cash.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Yep. There's plenty of parking in our shopping center.