The Great Smile Guarantee

The Great STEMporium wants to provide you with an experience that is memorable and filled with discovery, delight, surprise, learning, curiosity and, most of all fun! The kind of experience that is filled with GREAT SMILES.


However, it is scientific fact #183 that not EVERYone will enjoy EVERY menu item, just like not everyone enjoys pizza or math or science or spiders! But, we do believe you will find things on the menu that will be just right for you.


So, if you find yourself not enjoying the menu item you have selected - if it isn’t what you expected or imagined it would be – please let us know and we will take it away no questions asked and you won’t owe us a thing. We will gladly help you find something else that will put a GREAT SMILE on your face. If you don’t have enough time to try a different item, we will simply ask that you come back another time so you can discover something that WILL.

The Great STEMporium

18388 Coastal Highway #10

Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 313-5139

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