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Build a Blanket Fort

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STEM Connection


Building a blanket fort captures the very essence of engineering:  Design, Calculations, Safety, Human Factors, Physical Laws, Practicality, and Cost.  Remind your little fort builder that they too can grow up to be a building engineer, earthquake engineer (in the event siblings destroy the fort), military engineer (designing to keep siblings in or out), materials engineer, or a civil engineer (making sure mom and dad can still walk through the room).  And if you have a natural born leader, please let them know that building their blanket fort also qualifies them to be a construction superintendent,  contract manager, site manager, and/or safety director.  There's a STEM job for everyone when it comes to building a blanket fort!

Best Location

Right there in your hotel room, bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.  Don't over think it.  It's just a fort.  Pick your battles.

Project Materials List

  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Fort walls (couch, table, chairs, beds, etc)

  • Fort stabalizers - aka - hold down items (books, shoes, binder clips, clothes pins, etc)

  • Fort accessories (coloring books, crayons, popcorn, game boys, etc)

Related Web Links

Check out this wiki page for some practical fort making ideas.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Resist the urge to micro-manage.  It's just a fort.

  • Let them make mistakes!  Mistakes are a very important part of the learning process!  We learn the most from our mistakes.