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This activity will help your little coder apply fundamental coding essentials, including establishing a data type, applying syntax and semantics, applying order of execution, abstraction, and scoping.  Check out the related web link to eliminate any and all overwhelming feeling you might have because of the big words you just read.  Those are fancy words for something pretty simple.  You'll see.  And then, make sure your let your little coders know that they are now qualified to become a web developer, app developer, game developer, systems architect, and/or famous person for inventing the next great algorithm that decodes DNA to fight cancer and other killer diseases.  Yep, it all starts making up a new code language.

BONUS:  Check the links for making a Periodic Table Cypher.  That's SUPER popular right now!

Best Location

Right where you're at.

This activity can also be done in a restaurant, doctor's office waiting room, or anywhere else where boredom finds you.

Project Materials List

  • Paper (or something to write on - e.g. napkin, brochure, etc)

  • Pencil or Pen

Related Web Links

Check out this web page to get an idea of a super simple way to make a secret code.

If you want a "next level" challenge, encourage them to create a Periodic Table Cypher.  It's REALLY popular right now.  Use these links for help.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Don't micro manage.  Let them do their own discovery.

  • Let your coder make mistakes.  It's an important element of the learning process.

  • Be positive when they get frustrated.  (e.g.  You're doing great! Every coder runs into these problems, just keep going.)

  • Be prepared to be given a note that you'll have to translate! too are now qualified to be a coder. :-)