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STEM Connection


Almost EVERY board game requires some form of Math....the infamous M in STEM!  So is strategy and problem solving, by the way!  Math, strategy, and problem solving are at the root of Science AND Technology AND Engineering.  You can never go wrong spending an hour or two playing a board game that sharpens those skills.  Do you have any idea how many accountants and CPA's played Monopoly?   How many systems architects and programmers played Tetris and Chess?  How many civil engineers played Risk?  

Who knows what kind of a forensic scientist or building engineer your little gamer could grow up to be like after playing Clue or Mouse Trap!

Best Location

Literally anywhere.  Kitchen table, bed in the bedroom, floor in the living room, back patio, front porch, at the park, at the playground, etc.

Project Materials List

  • Any board game or deck of cards

  • If you don't have a board game...let them make one up!

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Don't micro manage.  Problem solving is best accomplished with a gentle assist, rather than a heavy hand.

  • Freely remind them of all the careers in STEM that they could have as a result of just playing a simple board game.