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Play Charades

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STEM Connection


You might be wondering what the direct" connection is between Charades and STEM.  Easy! Hypothesis making and problem solving skills are essential building blocks within most STEM careers.  Plus, BIG BONUS POINTS...You can give the game a STEM flavor if you use STEM vocabulary as the basis of the game.  In other words, have the kids act out different terms and phrases from the different fields within STEM.  Check the related links below for a few thought-starter ideas.

Best Location

Literally anywhere!  Indoors or alfresco.  Upstairs or downstairs.  Waiting for your table at a restaurant.  Driving home from vacation.  In the doctor's office while you wait for the doctor to come in.  The sky is the limit. 

Project Materials List

Nothing other than your imagination.

If you're running short on imagination, no problem.  Use the links below to get your juices flowing.

Related Web Links

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Be careful not to micro manage.  Learning is done in lots of ways, but it takes longer if someone is trying to do it for you.  Be sure to give them plenty of space to learn.

  • Feel free to fudge the time.  If your game rules say they get 1 minute to guess the clue, and they're close to the correct guess at the end of the minute, go ahead and give them a bonus extension.  Who's gonna know?