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All STEM careers rely on inquisitive minds - people who are willing to ask questions and challenge the norms.  Skills to analyze a situation, surroundings, and facts while applying deductive reasoning are essential skills for many things in life, but most importantly, they are essential STEM skills.  The I Spy game is an excellent skill-sharpening game to help nurture curiosity in a young mind.  Maybe one day, your little questioner will say - I spy...a cure for world hunger! or I spy - a double helix solution for alzheimer's! or I spy - a new eco-efficient mode of transportation!  or better yet....I spy - someone who loved me so much they helped me change the world for the better!

Best Location

Anywhere!  Honestly, anyone can play i spy anywhere at any time - at home, outside, in the car, in a restaurant, at the dentist or doctor's office, at grandma's, etc.  

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Make it about STEM things.  Here are a few ideas:

    • I spy a product that is made from trees.​ (furniture, paper)

    • I spy something with 2 periodic elements - hydrogen and oxygen (H2O)

    • I spy an item that an architect designed (a house)

    • I spy something an oceanographer might find on a beach (a seashell)