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STEM careers often require project management understanding and skills.  In other words, there are a lot of tasks in the world of STEM and most of them can't be done all at once.  They need sequenced, timed, tracked, completed, measured, and quality assurance checked.  Creating and playing your very own version of Olympics brings out forward of those essential project management skills.  As you help the kids get everything set up, you might remind that that what they're doing qualifies them to grow up to become great astronauts, engineers, systems architects, gaming programmers, electricians, and so much more!

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Project Materials List

  • Torch for Starting Ceremony - Construction paper and aluminium foil  (if desired)

  • Medals - paper, string, whatever might look sort of like a medal (e.g. yogurt lid)

  • Score Card - paper to keep track of competitor times, winnings, etc

  • Games - miscellaneous "stuff" (see link for ideas) - e.g. pool noodles, buckets, boards, things to toss (e.g. frozen peas the kids will NEVER actually eat), eggs/spoons, etc.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Add your own twist.  If you're at a state park, make an event that involves timed pine cone gathering or collecting smooth rocks that are less than a quarter in size.

  • Prizes don't have to be medals!  They can be miniature candy bars or marshmallows or REAL money.

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