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RPS is a classic game, but there's a little known fact that we need to bring to light.  This game sharpens your observation and strategic thinking skills.  Both are essential skills for any STEM career.  Plus, it's just a fun way to resolve debates and/or make decisions.  Trust me.  I've seen this used on a playground AND in a Boardroom.

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Play these fun versions (some with your whole body):

  • Cowboy-Ninja-Bear (see rules)

  • Wizard-Goblin-Giant (see rules)  Note: This is for older kids and you need space to has running!

  • Sun-Clouds-Wind (make up your own rules and hand gestures)

  • Fire-Wood-Water (make up your own rules and hand gestures)

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Get creative!  Encourage them put their bodies into the gestures if you've got space to play.  

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