Aero Engineering Test

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Aero Engineering (aka - paper airplanes) is an amazing segment of STEM.  Back in the day when Wilbur and Orville were working on their designs, they tested a lot of aero engineering options - that failed miserably.  Failure (or mistakes) are enormously important in the field of STEM.  Humans tend to learn MORE when we make a mistake.  It brings up the old adage - I bet you won't make that mistake again.  Why?  Because we learned!  This activity is perfect for making mistakes and using the principles of trial and error to achieve greatness.

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Project Materials List

  • Paper!  Don't get trapped in the thinking that only white copier paper will work.  You can use any paper!  Newspaper, copy paper, old flyers, old takeout menus, wrapping paper, etc.

Related Web Links

Follow this link to see how to make the worlds best paper airplanes.  The site does a great job providing several design options and folding instructions.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • You might have to help by creating a few sample planes for them.

  • Don't micro-manage.  Remember, mistakes are an essential part of the learning process.