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Engineers come in all shapes, sizes, heights, and ages.  They also use all types of materials to build all types of structures.  Just think about the 3 little pigs...or the 3 little engineers.  What I love most about those little engineers is that they teach a valuable lesson in learning from mistakes.  So, for this exercise, don't micro manage your future engineer.  Let them try and fail.  Let them use old shoe boxes, Amazon boxes, cereal boxes, newspaper, sticks from outside, or whatever else they can find to construct a house (or some form of shelter).  The lessons they learn will always stick with them.

Best Location


Project Materials List

  • cardboard (shoe boxes, shipping boxes, cereal boxes, etc)

  • other things that might make good walls/roofs (sticks, thick grasses, straws, etc)

  • stuff that makes stuff stick together (tape, rope, putty, glue, etc)

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • This project isn't going to make or break their college career potential.  Be careful not to micro-manage the housing outcome.  It doesn't matter what it looks like in the end.  They will learn something and you can just tell them they did great!

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