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STEM careers require great imagination and innovation.  In fact, the Smithsonian Institute just released a report on this very topic.  You'd be surprised to learn how many "ordinary" childhood activities can foster creativity, imagination, and innovation in a child.  And learning how to do a few magic tricks does just that!  Let your future STEM-ologists put on a magic show or learn a new magic trick.  Use the Youtube video noted in the related links below for some inspiration.  Be prepared...they may charge you admission to their show.

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Project Materials List

  • Varies by magic trick, but I think it's safe to say you'll need a quarter, a dollar bill, and a deck of name a few.

Related Web Links

  • Check out this YouTube video for some ideas.  The web is full of simple magic trick ideas.  (Note: The Explorium Emporium obviously does not endorse anything that may involve fire or danger of any kind.)

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Be advised.  Once your young, innovative magician learns a trick or two, he/she will be VERY proud of himself/herself.  Translation: They'll want to show EVERYONE the trick over and over and over and over.  Be patient.   They're just proud of their learning....that's a good thing.  :-)

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