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Talent comes in all shapes and sizes - musical, athletic, rhythmic, strategic, humorous, etc  It all counts when it comes to building a foundation for a future STEM career.  Initiative, innovation, intuition, and imagination are catalyst skills for making great contributions in STEM.  Encouraging a child to play freely and put on a talent show for loved ones nurtures just the right skills to build confidence and establish the foundation for a future STEM career down the road.

Best Location

Just about anywhere.

Project Materials List

  • Stage area.

  • Whatever is needed for each talent.

Related Web Links

  • This site is good for obvious ideas.

  • Check out this site to get some general ideas for what a kid can do as a "hidden" talent.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • It's just for fun...resist the urge to micro-manage and/or exert any control over the content your little darling dreams up.  The fact that they are dreaming up stuff on their own is a strong sign of independant and creative thinking....and THAT should be the reward of the day.

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