Indoor Scavenger Hunt

No Travel

Any Weather


STEM Connection


Observation, discovery, and strategy are core elements of any STEM career.  Your indoor scavenger hunt will serve to build all of those core elements in your children...and keep them busy at the same time.  Don't provide too much help.  The more they have to think on their own, the better they'll be in their future STEM careers.

Best Location

At home or generally inside.

Project Materials List

  • Everyday common household objects. 

Related Web Links

  • Click HERE to open a PDF file we found from a great source.  Note: The Explorium Emporium takes no credit for creating this really smart idea for an indoor hunt.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Just give them the document and set 'em free. 


As an alternative, you can have them take pictures of what they find instead of physically collect it.