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STEM Connection


You may be wondering how on earth there is a STEM connection to playing dress up.  Well, let's think about it this way - you are what you wear; dress the part to get the part; dress to impress; see yourself in your role; fake it 'til you make it; look the part, act the part...etc.  In other words, don't just send the kids into the closet to try on your clothes.  Give them a mission and have them dress for different STEM careers.  What would the following career men and women wear:  a banker, an aviator, an IT programmer, an civil engineer, a construction manager, a laboratory scientist, an inventor, etc.  They'er all a little different and they all inspire confidence in a young mind.

Best Location

Your closet, grandparent's closet, aunt/uncle's closet, etc.

Project Materials List

  • Scarves & Ties

  • Suits and vests

  • Sweaters, hoodies, etc

  • Sneakers, dress shoes

Related Web Links

There are way too many related links on the internet about how to dress like a [fill in the blank STEM career person]

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Be advised...they're going to make a mess.  It's ok.  I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help clean it all up if there's a reward in it for them.  :-)