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It goes without saying that physical activity is always good for being a healthy, well-rounded human.  That aside, holding a relay race exercises the brain as well.  There's strategy involved in who's best suited for each leg of the race.  There's also sequencing involved in establishing the legs of the race.  Both strategy and sequencing are essential elements in most STEM careers.  Understanding that certain tasks may have predecessors that must be completed before you can begin the next set of tasks is a basic skill

Best Location

Outside!  A park, a driveway, a backyard, a front yard, etc.

Project Materials List

It depends on which version of a relay race you're going to run.  See related links for ideas on alternate versions you might way to play.

Related Web Links

Click HERE for some inspiring alternatives to the standard pass-the-baton relay race.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

I love some of the ideas on the related web link (which by the way, was invented by VeryWellFamily...not the Explorium!)  It's a great way to change up the game and make it more interesting.

Just remember avoid overly involving yourself.  It's important for the kids to operate as the future leaders (and followers) they need to grow into.

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