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Playing tag is an old school game from eons ago!  Who knows who invented it, but it's totally fun.  The connection to STEM lies in the field of health-science.  Every human benefits from at least 30 minutes of exercise daily that gets your blood pumping.  In fact, those who do this live longer and happier lives.

If you want to be a good doctor or physical therapist in the field of STEM someday, you have to be able to lead by example.  So get out there and get that circulatory system circulating.

Best Location

  • Backyard

  • Park or Playground

  • Beach (it's extra fun on the beach)

Project Materails List

  • None!  Yeah!

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Give the game a new twist.  

  • Only allow outs if you tag the other person's knee

  • Become a ghost for 5 seconds by shouting out an anatomical name for part of the heart when th "it" person gets close [e.g. Aorta, ventricle, tricuspid] 

  • Become a ghost for 5 seconds by shouting out a math times table problem when the "it" person gets close [e.g. 2x4=8]

  • Cut up cardboard and write numbers on them.  Only certain numbers are "base" when someone is it.  The "it" person calls the numbers when he/she becomes it.

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