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Engineers, technicians, and scientists are all made great by their ability to have a keen sense of spacial relationships and good hand-eye coordination.  Kicking a can (or water bottle) may seem like a childish thing to do, but the reality is, it builds key skills needed for great STEM jobs.  So don't just chalk it up to kids play...because one day, this simple game could help build needed skills in the person who builds the next great space station or life-changing medial app.  You just never know!

Best Location

Anywhere outside...that's a safe space.

Project Materials List

  • A can or water bottle

  • Imaginary (or real) goal area

Related Web Links

Click HERE for a link to a description of the game.  It's a great refresher (for those of us who haven't played it in eons!)

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Try not to micro-manage the game.  Let them work out their issues on their own if any arise.  It's much healthier for them to solve their own problems.

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