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Collaboration, communication, and analytical skills are essential skills for any STEM career.  Kickball offers skill-building opportunities in all of those areas.  And bonus, there's a dash of math involved in this game too!  Measuring the distance between bases, counting up the scores, and keeping a tally on foul balls are solid reinforcement activities for solid math skills.

Best Location

Outside with a little long as it's safe.

Project Materials List

  • A ball (of some sort - could be a beach ball, kick ball, balled up bunch of newspaper duct taped together, etc)

  • Some bases (of some sort - a few sticks, paper plates, rocks, etc)

  • You really only need 2 players, but if you have more, that's great!

Related Web Links

If you're a stickler for "rules" then this is the link  for you.  Otherwise, fudge it a little.  Who's going to know?

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Try not to micro-manage the game for the kids.  Learning collaboration and conflict resolution on their own will provide a lifetime of value.

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