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Adaptability (aka - resilience) is what makes a good Scientist, Technologist, Engineer, or Mathematician great.  The more flexible you are in life, the more opportunities you'll have to experience new things.  And, bottom line, experiencing new things means learning new things!  So, we encourage you to not take the words "play dodgeball" at face value.  Check out the related link on different ways to change up the game.  You'll be glad you did...and the kids might just learn something new in the process. 

Best Location

Anywhere outside with a little space to run...that's also safe.

Project Materials List

A few balls (or balled up newspapers)

Related Web Links

Don't play "normal" dodgeball when you can play one of these 18 variations!!

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

  • Do check out the related web link for variations on this game!  They are pretty fun.

  • Don't micro-manage the kids.  They'll work out their difference on their own and they'll be better for it in the long-term.  

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