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Let's get past the traditional hopscotch one-two-one-two-one-two hopping game for a second and move to a more expanded definition of what the game can be.  From a STEM perspective, this simple game can be turned into a mathematics exercise, a shapes exercise, or a spelling game.  All of which are important to any field in STEM.  So, before you draw a standard hopscotch grid on the ground, please check out the related web link below for some fresh, new hopscotch ideas that will introduce education into the hopscotch equation.

Best Location

Sidewalk or driveway

Project Materials List

  • Sidewalk chalk or a good rock that will leave a mark on the ground.

  • If you're working with sand or dirt, you can scratch your design with a stick.

Related Web Links

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Don't get stuck in the past.  That's sort of a motto of the STEM world.  Exploring new things means learning new things.  So please do check out the related web links for new ideas.

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