Throw a Frisbee

No Travel



STEM Connection


Wait. Wait. Wait. Before jumping to any conclusions, think about the amount of innovation and imagination you could encourage in your young STEM-ologist right now.  Sure, they can go out and toss a frisbee (or circular piece of cardboard) around...and then get boarded in 3 minutes again. could encourage them to turn it into a target game.  10 points for hitting the trash can, 50 points for getting it IN the trash can.  10 points for hitting the lawn chair, 50 points for landing it ON the lawn chair.  Maybe they create a timed frisbee course with 5 different targets - fastest time wins.  Wins what?  Well, that's up to you (e.g. gum, popsicles, etc are always good prizes.)  Exercising the imagination is a critical part of building strong, innovative minds for future STEM jobs.  Who knows...maybe one day, they'll become the next great game engineer.

Best Location

Outside with lots of space...and in a safe place.

Project Materials List

  • Frisbee or strong cardboard circular disk  (tape some debree to it for an extra challenge)

  • Targets (trash can, chairs, ledge, stump, swing set, empty water bottles on a wall, etc)

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Let your imagination be your guide...and remember failing = learning.