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Engineering can be fun...especially when it involves giant balloons filled with water hanging over your head.  Kids will learn all kinds of engineering lessons with this activity.  Balloons with air are light weight and are easy to hang.  However, balloons with water require you to think like an engineer about how much tensile strength in a rope/string is needed based on the weight of the object creating the tension and the size AND evaluating the best type and quality of the support structures that help keep the rope up and in place AND determining how much force motion is required to burst a bloated water balloon vs a slightly filled water balloon.

Best Location

Back yard, nearby park, driveway, etc.

Project Materials List

  • Balloon(s) filled with water

  • Rope (or something to hand the balloon(s) with - e.g. hair ribbon, shoe laces, curling ribbon for presents, etc)

  • A tree, rafter, basketball hoop, or something high to hand the balloon(s) from

  • A good stick or bat for wacking the balloons 

Related Web Links

Check out THIS LINK for a great visual and some basic instructions.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

They're going to get wet!  Bathing suites might be a good idea for this one.

Also, the question - "Why do you think..." is your friend.  Why do you think a full balloon is easier to pop than a half-full balloon.  

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