Go on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

No Travel



STEM Connection


Being present, aware of your surroundings, and in a mode of observation is a personal state that will serve everyone well who is headed into a STEM career.  The more present and aware you are, the more you'll absorb, process, and learn from.  It's a great gift to live in the moment...and it pays off very well in any STEM field.

Best Location

Right outside your front door.

Project Materials List

  • Take a couple of print outs of the web page listed in the related web links below.

Related Web Links

  • Click HERE for a great list of neighborhood scavenger hunt items.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

This is a fun one to go on with the kids.  Plus, a little supervision while wandering the neighborhood isn't a bad idea.


You could also choose to do one of the 30+ other scavenger hunts listed in the related web link.  It's a really great resource!