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Spectacular Spontaneous Day

January 19 - 1:00pm - 4:30pm

6 Problems | 90 Minutes | $5 per Student

We are FULL!

Thank you to all the teams who registered.



Cantilever Challenge

Build a structure of toothpicks and clay that will sit on a table behind a boundary line. The structure will cantilever, or stick out, as far as possible beyond the boundary line without touching the table surface.



Tower of Pasta

Make a structure of pasta that will hold up a container and placing weights in the container one at a time.



Tug O War

Make two links for tug-of-war chains and attached them to either Chain A or Chain B. The chains will then be used in a tug-of-war.


Odyssey of the Mind is a registered Trademark of Creative Competitions Inc.  The Great STEMporium makes no claims of ownership of any OM content or otherwise copyrighted property.

OUR GOAL is to offer OM teams a convenient and fun way to practice spontaneous challenges outside of their usual surroundings.  Gathering all the materials for each challenge can be time consuming and sometime costly...but when we share materials across teams, it's much more affordable and convenient.



Animal Rhymes

Make a rhyme using a name or species of an animal.


Be Patient

Pretend you are a patient in an operating room, and you hear noises and conversation. Say what you would like to hear or what you would not like to hear.



Use a word or words to make a first and last name. You must relate the name to an occupation. (E.G. Sal Iva = Dentist)


Omar in a Basket

Say something about the image of Omar in a basket.


Something in Common

Name two things that have something in common and what it is they have in common.


Twinkle Thing

Say something about the item found on Planet Twinkle or say what it may be used for.

Can't Make it For Spontaneous Day? 

Call and reserve an OM session any time we're open!  Select two hands on challenges and three verbal challenges for your team.  We’ll bring you all the necessary materials, instruction sheets, judges notes, scoring criteria, and scoring space to complete your chosen problems.  [$5 per student]

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