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Our Mission

Why We Do

We're trying to solve two problems at once: 

1) kids get bored easily, and

2) the world needs a STEM-ready workforce.

So our mission is simply. 

Give kids a way to get un-bored through the wonder and fascination of STEM...while accidentally on purpose inspiring them to pursue a STEM career.

How We Deliver the Mission

The Great STEMporium is a unique new concept connecting learning, fun, and entertainment... emphasis on fun and entertainment.

We've taken our thoughtfully curated STEM programs, aligned them with Next Generation Science Standards, married them with entertaining delivery, and wrap it all in imagination-inspiring content filled with inquisitive elements that engage young minds during every second of the program.

We offer an awesome selection of STEM programs, events, and shows full of experiments, activities, and projects.  We deliver a safe, fun-filled experience where memories are made...and you don't even have to tell them they'll learn something :-)

With The Great STEMporium, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we go the extra mile to make sure our guests have a memorable experience. In fact, we've got a very special
Great Smile Guarantee to prove it!

Our Mission Collaborators

Synergy Partners
Academic Partners
Student Partners

Igniting Career Paths

Complimenting the Classroom

Learning Entrepreneurship

Our corporate partners are a great source of ideas for our curated STEM projects. The more our partners help us understand their future talent needs in the area of STEM, the better we are at sparking interest with our young visitors. Our partners who help create projects for the menu get an extra Win! Win!

And providing visibility for "Kick Starter" Projects is our ultimate favorite!

We love it when a teacher or professor gives us tid-bits of advice on how to improve a STEM activity, project, or experiment. We share the same mission - developing our children in ways that make a difference in their lives...and the lives of all those who will benefit from their talents well into the future.

We heart teachers and educators - big time :-) 


Ask us about our field trip programs!

Each school year, we'll invite 5 or 6 high school Seniors to hold a seat on our Junior Board of Directors. Our Junior Board is given an amazing opportunity to experience entrepreneurship - just like a corporate board of directors. They review market conditions, debate strategic options, and make recommendations.

After all, entrepreneurship is the fuel that propels great STEM ideas into our world.

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