Party Rules

Party Fee Includes:

Unless otherwise stated, the party fee includes all of the following:

  • Private party room for your time slot 

  • Dedicated Party Assistant to lead the chosen experiment

  • All equipment, materials, and supplies for up to 10 kids*

  • One extra 6' table or countertop for food / cake / presents

* Some experiments are performed in teams, in which case equipment, supplies, and materials are provided accordingly.  We do not give a discount for fewer than 10 kids.  The "number of kids" is based on all kids to be in the room between the ages of 1 to 17 - even if some are not performing the experiment.  Some experiments may have an additional equipment/materials fee that is published on our site.

Additional Guests

Experiments tend to take up more space than you would think.  Our rooms can only handle so many kids doing experiments at one time.  For most experiment options, we will allow up to 5 additional kids for $20/each to be added to a party of 10.  Maximum 15 kids total (this includes all children from age 1 to 17).  Some experiments may not accommodate additional children. Please ask at the time of booking so that we can guide you to an option that will best suit your needs.

Party Start Time

We have 2 party rooms, and we offer party start times every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 4:00pm. We also offer start times on Friday evenings at 4:30pm.  Children arriving early to your party will wait in the retail store until your official start time.

Party Timeline

Every party follows the same timeline pattern.  We follow this process very strictly so that everyone who has booked a party for a specific time can access the room in a predictable manner and can manage expectations for invited guests accordingly.  The basic timeline for each time slot is the same: 10 minutes to set up prior to your start time, 5 minutes for guests to arrive in the room, 55 minutes for the experiment (including start up and put away), 25 minutes for food/cake/presents, 5 minutes for departure, 10 minutes to load out. 


We'll use the 4:00pm timeslot as our example:

  • 3:50pm - 4:00pm - Room available for set up

  • 4:00pm - 4:05pm - Guests are shown to the room

  • 4:05pm - 5:00pm - Experiment Time*

  • 5:00pm - 5:25pm - Food / Cake / Presents

  • 5:25pm - 5:30pm - Guests depart

  • 5:30pm - 5:40pm - Room cleared of all items brought in

  • 5:40pm+ - late fee applies if room is not cleared

*see Experiment Completion Expectations below

Risk Acceptance / Liability Waiver

All children participating in any activities at The Great STEMporium must have a Risk Acceptance / Liability Waiver signed by a parent or guardian for each visit.  Previous waivers are not acceptable for subsequent visits.  A new waiver must be signed for each visit.  The absence of a properly signed waiver will result in the child not being permitted to enter The Great STEMporium table space or event rooms.

Adult Party Helper

The Great STEMporium will provide one (1) party assistant to facilitate the chosen experiment.  We also require you to have two (2) additional adults available to assist children with their experiments and help enforce all safety rules.  The 2 adults provided must be over the age of 18 and must be 100% present during the party (e.g. no cell phone usage, no leaving the room, no chatting with other adults, etc).  If you're unable to provide additional adult support, please let us know right away.  The Great STEMporium will provide 1 to 2 additional party assistants for a fee of $70 per additional assistant.  Having additional support is very important for safety...and fun.

Adults to Child Ratio

Birthday Parties are designed as drop off only due to size constraints of the space.  Your 2 adult assistants are the only 2 adults that may remain in the room with the kids during the experiment phase of the party.  Additional adults may join your party for the food/cake/present phase.  Adults wishing to join the party for food/cake/presents will wait in the retails space until the food/cake/present phase begins at which point they will be shown to your room.  We ask that you respect this policy so that the children have enough room to safely enjoy their experiments during that phase of the party. 

Small Children - 3 and under

Our experiments may contain certain dangers with respect to small children (e.g. choking parts, cords, non-edible ingredients, etc).  Additionally, small children require extra attention and care.  In our experience, this can distract from the safety...and fun...for the birthday going kids.  For these reasons, we strongly encourage you not to bring small children age of 3 and under to your party.  

Experiment Completion Expectations

Every party group is different.  While we do our best to help the children complete their experiments within the experiment phase of the party, sometimes that is not possible.  (e.g. kids ask more questions than anticipated, capabilities vary by child, some kids have difficulty focusing on the tasks, etc).  We never see this as failure.  The point of the party is to be with friends, have fun, and play with STEM stuff.  Mission accomplished.

Prohibited Items

Your safety is important and our equipment is sensitive!  Please do not bring the following items to the party: Glitter, Confetti, Silly String, Pinatas, excessive decorations that may cause a safety issues, sloppy/messy foods (e.g. sloppy joes, lasagna, soup, peanut butter, etc), or any other items that could damage our materials and equipment.  In addition, shoes must be worn at all times.  Safety first!


You may bring food or have food delivered.  We will happily point your delivery person to your party room when he/she arrives.  We will provide a 6' table (or countertop) for you to place your food / cake / presents / napkins / plates / etc.  Please plan accordingly.  Surface space is very limited due to the nature of space required to conduct the experiments.  Please do not bring excessively messy foods (e.g. sloppy joes, lasagna, soup, peanut butter, jelly, hot wings, etc).  It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions and care for your invited guests who may have food allergies. 


We encourage you to check out the party catering packages offered by Go Brit!  

Lost/Stolen Items

The Great STEMporium will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Early/Late Policy

Please take into consideration that when you book a party you are bound to your time slot.  You may enter the room 10 minutes prior to your guest arrival time to set up any items you bring with you.  we cannot extend the end time of your party if you or any of your guests arrive late. 

Overstay Fee

Your party will incur an extra fee of $150 if you overstay your scheduled booked event.



Our staff wishes to make your party experience exceptional! There will be a line on your final bill to add a gratuity if you'd like.  You are not required to add any gratuity, but if you choose to do so, your party assistant would be very grateful.  Most of our staff are students working hard to earn their way through school to become teachers and future STEM-ologists in the world.


Refund / Cancellation Policy


Full payment is due upon booking.

A full refund will be issued if cancellation occurs 21 days prior to the booked event.


A 50% refund will be issued if cancellation is between 21 and 14 days prior to the booked party or event.


No refund will be given for any party or event that is canceled within 13 days of the booked date.

Final Sale

Birthday Parties are final sales. The Credit Card holder hereby agrees to our usage of his/her credit card and will not dispute the charges and fee schedule agreed to in the signed agreement.