STEM Field Trip Program

Cyber Crime Lab Experience

Cyber Crime Lab Experience


4 - 12


MS-LS2-4, HS-LS2-8

Similar to an escape room, you'll work to solve the mystery of the curious case of the stolen app. You'll get a briefing on the victim, the stolen property, the timeline of events, and the 4 suspects before visiting 6 unique evidence stations to dive deep into the world of cyber crimes. Formulate your theories on "who dun it" before we reveal who confessed to what and which charges have been filed. Students will gain a profound understanding of dangers lurking around all cyber activity. (Program size limitations. Ask for details.)

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Program Pricing

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(# of Participants X Kit Fee) + Instructor Fee = Program Price  


Got Multiple Groups? 

If you have multiple groups that need to receive the program on the same day, but at separate times, simply add an Additional Presentation Delivery fee for each additional group presentation.

*For in-person presentations that are more than 10 miles of Lewes, DE, a travel fee of $1.25 per mile for each trip will be added to your invoice.