STEM Field Trip Program

Welcome to the Ranch Challenge

Welcome to the Ranch Challenge


4 - 8


3-5-ETS1, 5-ESS3-1, MS-ETS1

Put your best home building hat on and get busy building a ranch house out of the raw materials provided.� You house should be a one-story ranch and must have a front door and at least one window.� If you�re feeling extra skillful, you can add a chimney!� Bonus points if you can build a house that can withstand a windstorm (Aka � a fan on low speed pointed at your house).

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Sample Program Pricing Model

Please note: Program pricing varies widely depending on your unique market conditions. (e.g. New York City instructor fee may be $500+. Oklahoma suburbs instructor fee may be $75.)


Kit Fee Per Student:


Instructor Fee*: 


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Program Price Calculation:

(# of Participants X Kit Fee) + Instructor Fee = Program Price  


Got Multiple Groups? 

If you have multiple groups that need to receive the program on the same day, but at separate times, simply add an Additional Presentation Delivery fee for each additional group presentation.

*For in-person presentations that are more than 10 miles of Lewes, DE, a travel fee of $1.25 per mile for each trip will be added to your invoice.