Street-Smart Test Prep for the SAT & ACT

In-person at The Great STEMporium

6 weeks  |  $595 per student 

Studying from a book or online won't provide the test-taking strategies, tips and tricks that have shown to dramatically improve test scores.  Kids will learn those here with our in-person, hands-on, classic learning environment that includes lots of practice.

Learning Goals

Ask yourself or your teen 

What percent of the mistakes have you made on multiple-choice tests (especially math!) that were reckless - you knew the answer, but didn't complete it, or misread something, or failed to read something, etc?





This is a street-smarts course that emphasizes test-taking techniques and lots of practice, which helps students avoid silly mistakes.  In this course, test-taking temperament, timing, and strategies are more heavily emphasized than learning 8,000 new vocabulary words or how to calculate the square root of Pi.  With a background in counseling, our Chief Instructor partner has created dozens of original strategies and techniques that dramatically raise scores.  


Our Chief Instructor partner, David Hutt, has 15+ years of experience helping hundreds of students at all levels earn higher scores on their SAT / ACT test.  In fact, he's helped nearly 50 of those students earn a perfect score in their testing attempts! We know that not every student is a superstar, but where there's a will, there's a way.  David has shown non-A students that they too can conquer these tests and develop solid academic confidence for their future.


After taking David's Street Smart SAT or ACT test prep courses, the vast majority of "average" students reach at least the top 20 percent.  Above-average students can achieve the top 10 percent or better.  Exceptional students can reach the top 3 percent or better.

Wednesday Evenings



First Class 10/7

Last Class 11/11​

Thursday Evenings



First Class 10/8

Last Class 11/12​

This 6-week course will also require the purchase of a test book for practicing. (Not included in course fee.) 

Terms & Conditions


  • All sales are final. Refunds will NOT be offered should you decide to cancel or should the student miss a class during the 6-week course. 

  • We will consider a full or partial refund if the student tests positive and/or anyone in his/her house tests positive for Covid.  A doctor's note will be required and a 15% processing fee will apply.

  • Our instructor requires a minimum participation rate.  If we don't achieve that rate, the course will be canceled and any money collected will be refunded.  If that happens, the instructor will work with you to supplement with private instructions independent of The Great STEMporium.


  • Strict social distancing will be required while inside the STEMporium.

  • All participants will be expected to wear a proper face covering at all times while inside the STEMporium.

  • If participant has a fever, feels ill, is experiencing any symptoms of Covid, or has received a positive Covid test without a doctor's release, please do not come to the STEMporium.

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