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Scout Badge & Activities Menus


Coming soon!

Things to Know:

  • Reservations - Please please please call in advance to make a reservation for your group - like as far in advance as possible.  Dates book up quickly, and we need to make sure we understand which projects you want to do so we can confirm supplies and equipment will be available.

  • Activities are by Age - Each girl scout badge/cub scout activity is aligned with a STEMporium activity (or 2), which are based on the age/scout level of the participant.  Leaders with mixed ages should call ahead to talk through seating arrangements based on the number of participants and their scout levels.

  • Group Size Vs Activity - Most of the time, activities can be done in any size group.  However, some activities require an event room and a dedicated staff member to guide them through the activity.  The guided activities have a minimum and maximum number of participants (or fees).  Please call for details.

  • Actual Patches/Badges - We do not carry the actual badges and patches.  You'll still need to acquire those through the Scout store.

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