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Programs are under revision.

Check back in about 1 week!

Programs are under revision.

Check back in about 1 week!

Things to Know:

  • Booking Your Event - Please email or call to book a program for your group.  Sometimes materials may not be on the shelf and we'll need to order them in.  Hence, we need to make sure we understand which projects you want to do so we can confirm supplies and equipment will be available in time for your event date.

  • Activities are by Age - Each girl scout badge/cub scout elective adventure is aligned with a STEMporium activity (or 2), which are based on the age/scout level of the participant.

  • Group Size Vs Activity - Most of the time the group size is whatever your facility can handle.  However, we have a few activities that require "equipment," which may limit the maximum number of Scouts per program.  Our mobile program fees are determined based on the number of participants plus a presenter fee.

  • Actual Patches/Badges - We do not carry the actual badges and patches.  You'll still need to acquire those through the Scout store.

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