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STEM Connection

Literacy, language, and writing skills are essential skills for every career in every corner of STEM.  It sort of represents the "mic drop" of all STEM skills that you'll want to foster and nurture in a child.  So, don't hesitate.  You can't just Google your way through college.  Get them comfortable with being in the stacks and smelling real books in a library.


Plus, this particular library is pretty new.  They have a ton of activities going on almost all the time.    

Best Location

Lewes Public Library

111 Adams Avenue

Lewes, DE 19958
(302) 645-2733

Project Materials List

None!  It's a library.  Just bring your brain.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Before you go, check the web page for the library.  They may be having an event that you'll be interested it.