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There's just something sublime about watching a big boat come in and go out, but when you add the idea that it's carrying really heavy cars on it too...well...that's just a spectacle of awesome proportions (no matter what your age).  STEM-tifically speaking, displaced water by a boat is an interesting scientific principle based on the width of the boat and it's weight.  The more weight, the wider the boat needs to be.  Check with the ferry staff on facts about the ferriers while you're there.  You could be raising the next great oceanographer!

Best Location

The ferry is located in Lewes:

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

43 Cape Henlopen Dr

Lewes, DE 19958

(800) 643-3779 

Project Materials List

None!  Just bring your brain - watch and learn.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

There's a ferry either coming or going about every 30 minutes.  It's fascinating to stand in the observation tower and watch the cars, bikes, and people unload and/or load.  The terminal itself actually has a lot to offer.  There's a playground, a gift shop, some history things, a restaurant, etc.  It's a pretty neat destination.