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Get out your periodic table of elements, my friends.  The basic properties of iron and other forged metals dictate what you can and cannot do to them.  Ask the staff why blacksmiths were so important back in the day and how the world is solving for forged iron products today.

Best Location

The blacksmith is located in Lewes:

Preservation Forge

114 W 3rd St

Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 645-7987

Project Materials List

None!  Just bring your brain - watch and learn.

Related Web Links

  • Preservation Forge  Actually, the forge doesn't have a website.  This link is to a tiny bit of info from the Lewes site.

  • Click HERE to see a quick video about Preservation Forge.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Call ahead!  They close a lot without notice.  I guess blacksmith's can do that. 

There's also a cool place across the street called Auntie M's Emporium.  It's an antique store, but it's located in a historic building that used to be the town jail.  Who doesn't love seeing an old-time jail?

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