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Skip Some Rocks


Short Travel



STEM Connection

The are many STEM lessons in the simple act of skipping rocks.  In fact, there are actually companies that dedicate massive research funding to studying these factors.  How far a rock skips is contingent upon the size/shape/weight/hardness of the rock, and how you throw it.  There's a lot of science behind getting just the right angle (which apparently is 20 degrees) off the water and a really good spin as you flick it out of your hand.  The companies that study this seemingly silly act are using the information to improve things like design elements that can make boats safer and more fuel-efficient.  Bottom line: skipping rocks is a lesson in fundamental physics.  Be sure to let your future STEM-ologists know that today...just by skipping rocks...they are eligible to become a famous physicist and/or rocket scientist. 

Best Location

Lake Gerar Park on the north end of Rehoboth behind the Henlopen Hotel is a nice body of water to attempt your skipping skills.

On 1st Street, you'll see a bridge across the spillway into Lake Gerar.  Just behind that bridge is a children's fishing pier.  If you continue walking around the fishing pond, you'll arrive at Cranberry Park.  

Both spots provide a nice calm body of water for rock skipping.  However, you'll probably want to find your rocks before arriving.

There's usually plenty of parking here too!

Project Materials List

  • Some flat, almost triangle-shaped rocks

Related Web Links

  • Check out THIS link for some professional tips on how to skip rocks.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

We can't overemphasis enough that WATER SAFETY is of utmost importance when taking kids around any body of water.  Please keep a careful watch over the little one with this activity.