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Birding may sound like a casual thing to do on a lovely Saturday afternoon, and you're right, it is.  It's also serious business when it comes to STEM.  The behavior of birds, their mating patterns, their migratory patterns, and their nesting grounds are not only integral to a healthy ecosystem, but they're also leading indicators of troubled times.  When birds shift any of these patterns, you're sure to find an ecological issue at hand.  Maybe algae has invaded a water body and destroyed their food source or other predatory animals have been forced into their nesting grounds by over development of the land.  One thing is for sure, watching birds is as relaxing as it is critical to the health of our ecosystem.  So, as you embark on this fun endeavour, remind your little ones that they too can become an Ornithologist and get paid to watch birds. 

Best Location

State parks are the BEST places to go and check out all the birds.  

Cape Henlopen State Park offer lots of areas to do this, but there are 2 specific areas to go for a guaranteed sighting - 

- Enter from the Rehoboth side and head towards Gordon's pond bike trail (counter-clockwise), there's a lookout station about 1/2 a mile in.


- Enter from the Lewes side and head towards the birdwatching station at the beach parking on Post Road (at the end of the parking lot opposite the bath house). 

Project Materials List

  • Binoculars (stop by Walmart on Rt. 1 for an inexpensive pair or two)

Related Web Links

  • Check out THIS link and enter Rehoboth Beach into the location field to see where the most birds are.

  • Use THIS link to help you identify the birds you're seeing.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

You can turn this into a game and start counting all the birds you see - or just the big birds - or just a certain type of bird - or just a certain color of bird.

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