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Going on a scavenger hunt taps into our innate human need to seek, learn, and understand our world.  These types of hunts build key skills for every STEM career - observation, discovery, recording data, project management, etc.  And as a bonus, you're outside...enjoying what mother nature has provided...which by the way, is the very essence of what our STEM future asks us to protect and care for.

Best Location

State parks are great places to go for a nature scavenger hunt.  

Cape Henlopen State Park offer lots of areas to do this.  We recommend 2 specific areas: 

- Enter from the Rehoboth side and head towards Gordon's pond bike trail (counter-clockwise). 


- Enter from the Lewes side and head towards the Seaside Nature Trail.  The trailhead starts at the Seaside Nature Center. 

Project Materials List

  • Print out of your scavenger hunt list

  • Pencil to mark off found items.

  • Binoculars are optional (stop by Walmart on Rt. 1 for an inexpensive pair or two)

Related Web Links

  • Click HERE for an awesome nature scavenger hunt list.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Try not to micro-manage the activity.  Learning to discover on their own will build stronger skills for future STEM careers.

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