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Yes, you could build a common, ordinary sand castle, but why limit your engineering imagination with just a castle.  Hasn't the world seen enough castles.  Let's put our engineering skills to a real test and build some sand sculptures.  Think about making a sand rocket ship, a sand sea animal, a sand carnival ride, a sand ice cream cone, a sand flip flop, a sand magic carpet, etc.  All of these objects require observation, strategic thinking, innovation, and a good dose of learning about the general properties of sand.  Sand is used in a lot of products and processes.  Just feeling it between your fingers provides a basic context for bigger and more complex principles.

Did you know - you can make glass AND concrete from sand?  Ponder that!

Best Location

Pick a beach, any beach...or a sand lot, or a back bay with sand, or anywhere with sand really.

Project Materials List

The sky is the limit here!

  • buckets and shovels

  • tupperware, gladware, or other resealable containers that make shapes in sand

  • tools for carving - plastic knives, plastic forks, spatulas, shovels, etc

  • decorations - rocks, sticks, leaves, seaweed, etc

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

DON'T LEAVE ANY TRASH ON THE BEACH!!!  That's a number one cardinal rule about being a good STEM steward.  ALWAYS take care of mother earth!

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