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STEM Connection

Skateboarding is rooted in a lot of science and math.  Everything from determining the best wood to use to the deck to the velocity and force required to pull off the Ollie or to land a half pipe are pretty sophisticated advanced physics equations.  The half pipe alone is a 12 part equation!  What you may want to remind your future STEMist is that he or she doesn't always need to know the equation to enjoying an activity, but in the long run, knowing the equation will end up making them an expert in the activity.  I mean, come on, math can't be that bad if it leads to landing cool skateboarding tricks, right?

Best Location

Epworth United Methodist Church

19285 Rd 271

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

(right next to the Seaside outlets and behind Iron Hill Brewery)

Project Materials List

  • Skateboard (or a scooter)

Related Web Links

  • Check out THIS LINK for a little information on the park.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

This isn't what you'd call a professional skate park.  It was designed for a younger/novice skater.  It says no scooters, but it's rarely busy and scooters are pretty fun there.  That said - following the rules when real skaters are there is a good idea.